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Sales03. Odoo for e-commerce

E-commerce ERP

We implement our ERP for e-commerce companies. It's a selection of the tools you need to build your scalable e-commerce companies. This set up will catapult you into a state you would otherwise only be in after 2 years. Perpare for your growth in advance!

Custom Odoo front-end

We strive to constantly push and challenge the boundaries of what is possible on Odoo's fron-end e-commerce module. This is a very exciting and ever evolving space that we are proud to be a part of.

The beating heart

Odoo's strength is that it can become your companies OS (operating system). Completely composable, interconnected in the deepest possible way and scalable. It can connect to multiple webshops, marketplaces, POS systems and more!


While we do not advice to ive head first into customization of Odoo, the possibility is there. Because of the open-source nature we can customize Odoo to your specific needs.

B2B e-commerce

Selling to business can be cumbersome VAT rules, personalised pricing, bulk discounts. All things that we worked on already.


A lot of e-commerce companies have amazing websites that are very performant, but lack the same efficiency in their backend processes. Odoo is all about reducing repetitive, time-consuming tasks and letting you focus on your core business.

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