Guiding a young marketing team of a detective game company to double revenue in a post corona period

After a crazy 2020 year for board games the challenge for a young marketing team was gigantic: doubling revenue without expanding geographically. We focussed on improving the current metrics and developing an omnichannel strategy.
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Crimibox is a detective game company that sells unsolved murder cases. Founded by Jimmy Cowe, who actually has experience working for the police.

Crimibox has had a crazy track record for the last 3 years, growing to a revenue of 1M€ in 2020, and wants to continue to grow at the same pace. But to do so the marketing efforts had to professionalise, so a young inhouse marketing team was hired.

But combining this with big revenue ambitions, a post corona year and the limitation of no geographic expansion and you have yourself a fun challenge. A challenge where some senior e-commerce marketing and business knowledge was necessary.

Provided the inhouse team with an intensive coaching and training course. Including weekly calls and monthly in depth workshops.


Lowered CAC by introducing a rapid experimenting approach in angles, creatives and audiences.


Revisited the whole customer journey with focus on improving the key metrics: Conversion rates, AOV and repurchase rates.


Developed a future proof omnichannel approach together with the Crimibox team and selected industry experts.

Fighting crime or having a booming e-commerce business?
Why not both?

Chief Murder Officer on collab with dear digital:

Crimibox has been working with dear digital for a year now. A fantastic collaboration! They have single-handedly ensured that not only our turnover, but also our profit margin have increased enormously. A must for every e-commerce company!

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